The Pixelpop Sessions Vol. 1

by MM

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What are the Pixelpop Sessions?

The Pixelpop Sessions were a project I wanted to start in 2007. The challenge was to produce songs using only the FastTracker-Mode in MadTracker 2. Those songs had some limitations: First of all I limited the number of tracks allowed down to 10 different tracks max, which is a lot. The next and most important limitation was the filesize which I limited to 100 KB. There are musician out there, that don't even need a fourth of it, but a small filesize often comes with low-quality samples. The last limitation was the file format: all songs are still in XM format, so listeners had to listen to the original modules instead of getting a bunch of HQ MP3s. In fact a single MP3 with 320 kbps would be ten times the size of the whole album in XM format. This one hour album could now be saved on a normal 3.5" Disc and so I released it via the project.

Floppyswop was somewhat special. The small label only released stuff that fit on a single floppy with 1.44 MB: modules, texts, picture, lo-fi MP3s and so on. In 2008 or so the project died and I totally forgot about the album I put out there. But then...

In 2012 I had an awful harddrive crash which caused the loss of my complete digital identity and all the songs I made since 2005. This album was among the lost data which bothered me a lot, because I was planning on re-releasing this since the beginning of 2012. I thought it was lost. In fact is was still where I released it in first place.

And here it is. I decided to only rip the modules to MP3 and do no further changes. I didn't even corrected mistakes and errors. The album sounds exactly the way it did in 2007. Originally I only wanted to re-release my original material and no covers and remixes from other musicians. But then I decided to even extend the play time by adding a bonus song from "Stromschwankung EP" an earlier module project that was also released on floppyswop. So look close, there is bonus material on this one!

By the way: Even though the album is called "The Pixelpop Sessions Vol. 1" I'm not planning on a second installment... yet!

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released February 13, 2013